Buğdayların foreign substances into oversupply of flour and semolina tavlanarak after grinding the WHEAT and FLOUR-MADE ÖĞÜTÜLMESİ

name. Buğdaylar

öğütülmektedir grinding Stone oversupply of oversupply of two ways Valsli
Öğütülmesi Stone

oversupply of milling Wheat Oversupply: Stone mills consists of two rotating hard disk at the bottom, at the top of the stone. Usually made from stones or other harsh grindstone. Wheat is given continuously from the Center and the outer parts of the stone in the Middle, and then before the hatch edges into flour. areas thinned Stone oversupply of danenin shell, endosperm (starchy, floury part) and parts of the embryo. with thinned un These are allocated quantities of ash stone değirmenlerden to the resulting unların brunette and high, colors. low quality bread Wheat Öğütülmesi: stone

Valsli Oversupply at a time in which the milling process, but the oversupply of Valsli (batch) after various phases oversupply of wheat flour. We may collect this stages 7 and storing Wheat intake under group.

cleaning and separation of
Cultivated Wheat
tavlanması valslerde un
washing into Cultivated Wheat
Packing and storage

Reception and storage of wheat flour from a variety of locations, from buğdayların up to öğütülünceye: Mills favorable terms must bekletilmeleri stores Otherwise, the buğdaylar lost becomes unavailable or is the negative developments in the quality of bread. Therefore pay attention to the temperature and the humidity rate environment for storing danenin buğdaylar. Danedeki humidity 10% is appropriate if the store terms – 14 daneler be stored intact for a long time. Whereas 14% of danedeki humidity or high humidity of the environment arises on danede respiratory and küflenme if. Buddha causes lost as soon as the product unusable. For these reasons should not be stored buğdayların humidity high, will not be affected by ambient conditions, in which case the stores must be well maintained, must be havalanabilir

structure. Clearing and foreign items in the separation of wheat Cultivated in dust, soil, sap,: hay, weed seeds, and so on can be found in foreign countries. These grinding flour color, such as a combination of damage during valslere and bread quality theclass have. Therefore dismissed from foreign substances, such as the valsli system. for various sections, for example

; Size and shape are divided into weed seeds by taking advantage of because of a difference. To do this, griddle or sieves are used. Air flow with sap, hay, litter, dust and so on, light is divided into sections. Mıknatıslarla metal parts. The difference in specific gravity with dust, sand, etc..

washing: washing machines, counterflow duly Cultivated Wheat is washed and separated by water on the santrifüjle. Provides the following benefits to wash the remaining dust, soil of Cultivated
. slots, riding with parts of the vessel rastık etc..
the color of the flour, the flour ensures smooth
in the flour, the whole amount is reduced more
outer shell, it becomes easier to gevşetilerek valslerde tavlanması

Wheat flour.: To make the most convenient structure of Wheat danesinin öğütmeye buğdaya of exchanging certain proportion of water. There are three important factors to Tavlamada.
humidity buğdaylar% 15 – 15.5

Usually soft, hard to include the humidity% 16 – 16.5 tavlanır buğdaylar. Is suitable the temperature of 27 – 30 ° c. When the water temperature is around 8 hours, although often connected.

Valslerde milling: Shell (dandruff) and the developing embryo bakery parts to isolate and endospermi (floury and starchy part) to make reducing the un. thanks to the waltzes Located in the oversupply of two types (gear)
Grinding Granulator (flat) waltzes

waltzes in which there is no single process öğütülmesi valste. Phases are divided into sections, each time with thin and thick sections can be eliminated in the ground again. Vals is equal to dağılmalıdır on the surface of buğdaylar. Valslerin not good not equal on the product quality of the installation or vals. negatively affects the ranges of

in the flour, semolina and flour elenmesi: breaking the last Valsten are separated through the sieves. Screens within a closed system must be placed on top of each other with different pore structures with acting. Sieves made of tinned steel wire breaking and semolina allocation is used. Such as nylon, perlon, silk is Un eleklerde.

Packaging material and çuvallama: It is made of synthetic material or different paper bag or packages are released as. No matter what kind of packagings and flour must be to protect the good new. The flour should be stored in cool places, very good enclosed Switchgears, under un çuvallarının
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