Continuous and stable product quality, diverse product portfolio, professional management approach and a "FOOD - UN" AMASYA acquiring an important position in the sector and the UN FOOD INDUSTRY TRADE COMPANY in 2006, Amasya Yıldızköy Wheat Market outskirts daily 450 tons / year of crushed wheat with a capacity of production was established. From the date of its activities in the company's first priority of the stability and quality of the products as soon as sought, won the honor of being a preferred brand. Develop the technology of continuous production, bulk storage capacity of 2500 tons, 2000 tons of bagged product material storage area, gradually increasing the capacity of our storage capacity of 30,000 tons of raw materials Is conscious of serving in the Turkish farmer. Production facilities 2 km to the railway lines and 120 km from the port of Samsun in Turkey and provides very easy access to foreign markets. Formed by the four branches throughout the country, and a number of point 2 bayiilerle wholesale purchases of raw materials has been in retail sales va.

Year 2011, particularly the African countries began to export a lot of activities in neighboring countries and a variety of other special-purpose and bread Our productions are increasing with flour.

2 founder of our company took over after Abraham Gür 'generation of managers gained control of an experienced and professional employees of a corporate identity "of continuous and high quality" in both domestic market and for many years without compromising the principle of world trade 1 ekmonomimize which ranks the country and significantly contributes to the export of flour.
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Factory / Head Address:  Yıldızköy Mevkii No:5 05140 / AMASYA
Telephone: +90 358 223 01 05 (pbx)
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